My vision for Future Carrboro is a town that is equitable, sustainable, and affordable, and that’s exactly what the people of Carrboro asked for in the comprehensive plan, Carrboro Connects. Now we just gotta do it!


If the road to racial and economic equity were paved with bumper stickers and flags, Carrboro would be a shining example of unity and opportunity.  Our values and desires are unquestionable, and we’ve got plans that point the way, but it’s gonna take some real work to make our dreams come true.


We are facing an affordability crisis in the Triangle and I want to see Carrboro as a leader in finding solutions to address the issue here and serve as an example to our neighbors. 


The people of Carrboro have demonstrated our commitment to ecological sustainability through our transportation, housing, and food choices, and our desire to live in a unique place is visible in the vitality and variety of our downtown businesses.  High times and low impact is the Carrboro Way!

Carrboro Connects

The Carrboro that we live in today is built from the decisions of the past, and the connection between those choices and their results is much clearer when we trace the line back in time.

We can’t fix the past, so we should try instead to anticipate the shape of Future Carrboro and strive to make decisions that will fulfill the highest values of our community. Fortunately, our community’s values and vision have been clearly spelled out in the comprehensive plan, Carrboro Connects (adopted by Town Council in June of 2022). 

We know that we want a future that is more equitable and more sustainable, and the path that leads there will include:

  • Broader affordability
  • More housing options
  • Increased transit connectivity
  • Smarter development
  • Greater access to natural spaces
  • Expanded support for local businesses

The Bolin Creek Greenway

Carrboro has a proven commitment to low impact transportation and recreation.  We love to move freely in nature and the best way to share that joy with future generations is to continue growing our greenways. This should be settled before the start of the next legislative session, but it’s a plan that I strongly support.

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